Step by step

The creation of a character in illustration requires a thorough study of certain aspects of drawing. Gesture drawing is a fundamental basis for creating a character in motion, and it is very useful in order to be able to later relate it within an environment. The study of anatomy, equally important, serves to have aContinue reading “Step by step”

Logo renewal

While looking for a new job, i decided to renew my logo. Here the work in progress steps that led me to the final result.


Projects made for a wedding: invitation, mass booklet, personalized tags for favors, and sanitizer.

Art Degree

The basis of this study is the analysis of the animation technique and its historical derivations. In particular, attention is paid to the construction techniques and contexts of production, influenced above all by the audience to whom the works are intended. The interest in animation was a characterizing element of my training course, subsequently influencedContinue reading “Art Degree”


Sunday 8 March. It is 7:30 in the morning and the TV is already on, the TV news talks about the new decree, Italy red zone seems to me to hear … I’m still a bit sleepy, but I’m pretty sure that there are two other colors that we talk about when referring to Italy.Continue reading “Covid-19”

Summer Camp

Poster created for an association dedicated to organizing activities for children.

Academic project: Planner

This planner was created for an academic job, based on the reinterpretation of Naples’ folklore. The cover represents the main illustration, from which the details that characterize the various months have been extracted. The illustration shows scenes from the life of the city of Naples, at times perhaps stereotyped, but still distinctive features of oneContinue reading “Academic project: Planner”