Art Degree

The basis of this study is the analysis of the animation technique and its historical derivations. In particular, attention is paid to the construction techniques and contexts of production, influenced above all by the audience to whom the works are intended. The interest in animation was a characterizing element of my training course, subsequently influenced and encouraged by the experiences lived in the academic field. After having documented the studies conducted in this regard, the basics on which I founded my artistic project derive specifically from the deepening of techniques by Disney artists, notably Milt Khal, Glen Keane, and Aaron Blaise. The goal of this degree thesis is to resume the characteristic features of a cartoon dedicated to children respecting the lines of classic Disney production, modifying them but the themes and characters to make them suitable for a teen-adult audience. The elaborate aims to propose new interpretations of this communication technique, exploiting the interest it manages to arouse on an increasingly wider audience. The thesis is divided into three sections. The first provides an introduction to the history of animation, the development of techniques over time, and the production phases of a complete product. In the second, the analysis focuses on the historical events on which the artistic project is based, the sources of which vary from testimonies and articles to novels with no historical value but based on real events. Finally, in the last one, we proceed with the exposition of the artistic project, with the description of the story and the composition of the characters. Thanks to this work I was able to learn about little-known historical events, which I chose for this paper to give historical memory and solidarity to those who have been victims of it.

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