Academic project: Fairy tales

Some books cannot be forgotten, because they are now part of the memory of the person, of his past, but in a certain sense also of his own present time. “I Quindici” was the web of the seventies, without sharing, without interactions, sure, but they were the information of that time, perhaps the only way to know what was in the rest of the world, how certain things worked, how they were built, what mysteries the planet was hiding. “I Quindici” still exist, in new updated editions or, as in my case, as a precious inheritance passed on by grandparents and parents. Now they have reached the seventh edition, with the necessary changes dictated by one not indifferent technological and generational growth. A title like “From smokes on television” today would no longer make much sense and should become “From smokes to tablets”, as well as “From clay tablets to books” should turn into “From clay tablets to ebooks”. This collection is an excerpt from the second volume, the one I’m definitely on more affectionate, of which I decided to include the stories that I preferred as a child read or let me read. I don’t know how “I Quindici” has changed, but I hope they continue today to make children dream and have fun as they did me to dream and have fun few years ago.

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