Sunday 8 March. It is 7:30 in the morning and the TV is already on, the TV news talks about the new decree, Italy red zone seems to me to hear … I’m still a bit sleepy, but I’m pretty sure that there are two other colors that we talk about when referring to Italy. After the coffee I begin to understand: new rules, new laws, new provisions, but above all, no one agrees with all this. Mr. Coronavirus played a really good joke on us. It was enough for him a few days to bring down all our certainties and to make us perform I realize that technology and progress, which we idolize so much, cannot defend us from everything. The following days took place more or less like the first: TV on everyone the hours of the day, and the constant echoing in the house of expert voices that they talk about numbers, better solutions, and different timing. Thanks to them I understood in which direction this project had to go. Everything stems from the desire to tell the experiences of those who quarantine he is experiencing it more or less like me, acquaintances and friends who find each other at home, near or far from their loved ones, to silence the voices of all experts who know better than other experts how to behave in this situation. So listening to my inexperienced people, a steady stream of emotions: anger, bewilderment, confusion, which gradually changed into acceptance and awareness. I understood that we are all connected, regardless of age and status social, that each of us lives the same situations by letting ourselves be caught from the same feelings, the only thing that changes is the way of expressing them. I realized that the greatest fear is not to stay at home but to share spaces and address unresolved issues, and that’s the only place we have to tidy up is within ourselves, dusting off our values ​​and giving light to that humanity that we have put aside for a long, long time. I understood that we are all indispensable cogs of the same machine and that we must respect ourselves as people, not because we are numbers that must decrease on a graph to be able to be all more serene. The experiences and feelings reported in this book come from people I know and people I don’t know.
They are flanked by images resulting from the sensations they transmit, and have been transcribed anonymously so that those who read them will be able to recognize themselves in the words of others.

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